Flying High

Air Force Running Cadence Flying high, and flying low, Watching the infantry on the go. Flying in and flying out, Hear the infantry scream and shout. Flying up and flying down, I’ll gig the enemy shooting up the ground. Flying forward and flying back, I’ll help the grunts in their attack.

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Air Force Pilot

Sound off (one, two) Sound off (three, four) Bring it on down now (1, 2, 3, 4, U.S. Air Force) I wanna be an Air Force pilot I wanna fly that big C-5 I want a plane that looks like a whale Swimming around with tanks inside Chorus I wanna be an Air Force pilot […]

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Bold Aviation

Air Force Running Cadence I don’t know but I’ve been told, Aviators are mighty bold. Look up over there in the sky — Huey gunships are flying by. Aeroscouts are in the brush. Cobra snakes are in a rush. Pilots say it’s killing me — Waiting for the Infantry. Flat-iron ships are very well read […]

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I’m Ready to Fly

Air Force Running Cadence Check out my helmet I’m good to go I get so bored going so slow Check out my earphones, they work fine For hearing messages on our private line Check out my visor, it works at night Helps me to see without a light Check out my A-10, just waiting to […]

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F-15 Eagle

Air Force Running Cadence F-15 rolling down the strip Eagle driver gonna take a little trip Rev it up, taxi up, count to four Push the throttle forward, hear the engines roar Thirty thousand feet up in the sky Flying this baby is a natural high Took a look at six O’clock and what did […]

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Air Force Marching Cadence Irene’s her name She’s one of the best. So every night I give her the test. She looks so pretty. So sleek, so slim. The moon is bright the lights are dim. I’ve seen her stripped. I’ve seen her bare, I’ve felt her over everywhere. I handled her just as gentle […]

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