Somewhere there is a Mother

Army Marching Cadence Some where theirs a mother She’s crying for her boy He’s and Airborne Ranger With his orders to deploy Don’t you cry for him He don’t need your sympathy He’s an airborne ranger Thats the best that you can be Some where theirs a father He’s crying for his son Son’s an […]

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Big Iron Bird

Army Running Cadence Created by: Preston Gentry Soldier! Soldier! Have you heard? I’m gonna jump from a big iron bird Up in the mornin’ in the drizzlin rain I packed my chute and boarded the plane It rained so hard that I couldn’t see Jumpmaster said you can depend on me I looked with fear […]

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Airborne Barbie

Army Running Cadence Created by: Hucklebuck Airborne barbie rollin down the strip With a pink parachute and some red lipstick How she got here I don’t know With her high heels on, baby’s ready to roll Stand up buckle up, shuffle to the door don’t mess with her, or you’ll hit the floor What makes […]

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Air Born PT

Army Running Cadence Early one morning in the pouring rain, First Sergeant said it was time for pain. Grab your ruck and follow me, It’s time to do some PT! We jogged nine miles and we ran three, The First Sergeants yelling “Follow me!” We walked two miles and then ran eight! Airborne PT sure […]

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Jump Boots

Army Running Cadence Coon skin, alligator hide, Gonna make a pair of jump boots just the right size. Don’t be afraid to put them on your feet, A good pair of jump boots can’t be beat. Shine ‘em up, lace ‘em up, put ‘em on your feet, A good pair of jump boots can’t be […]

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