Running Your Mouth

Army Running Cadence Created by: SFC Lukasik I said a hey..soldier Can you run with me? Can you be fit to fight ARTILLERY? He said a hooah SGT I can do it too I said save your hooah soldier Let me see what you can do CHORUS: Cause you were run, run, run Just a […]

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Touch Cannon Cocker

Army Running Cadence Created by: SFC Sergio Bermea I was born with a lanyard in my hand. A rough tough cannon cocker number one man. I lined 100 guns pointing at a hill, bet 100 dollars I could shoot them with skill. Shot 97 an fell to one knee, boom, boom, boom as I shot […]

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Mr Artillery

Army Marching Cadence Created by: PFC michael Hankins Hey little soldier where you goin better not be down range thats when youll find him Mr artillery , king of battle he’ll hit you in the saddle pop u in your head one shell,ten kills boom , ur gone hey seargeant where u goin better not […]

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