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Air Force Marching Cadence OH! Soldier! Combat soldier! Pick up your weapon and follow me! I am Air Force ROTC Hey there Airborne! Head-in-the-clouds Airborne! Wrap up your ‘chute and follow me! I am Air Force ROTC! Hey there Air Assault! Rotor-head Air Assault! Pick up your rope and follow me! I am Air Force […]

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Air Force Count Cadence

Air Force Marching Cadence Caller: Count cadence, delayed cadence, Air Force Cadence COUNT! Flight: U! Caller: I can’t hear you Flight: S! Caller: A little bit louder now Flight: Air! Caller: Sound like BABIES! Flight: Force! Caller: A little bit prouder now Everyone on left: U (skip one left) Everyone on left: S (skip one […]

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Old King Cole

Old King Cole was a merry old soul, a merry old soul was he. He called for his pipe and he called for his wife and he called for his Privates three. Beer! Beer! Beer! Said the Airmen. (Chorus) Oh what brave men are we! but none so fair that we can compare to the […]

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Somewhere there is a Mother

Army Marching Cadence Some where theirs a mother She’s crying for her boy He’s and Airborne Ranger With his orders to deploy Don’t you cry for him He don’t need your sympathy He’s an airborne ranger Thats the best that you can be Some where theirs a father He’s crying for his son Son’s an […]

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Bravo On the Go

Army Marching Cadence Marching down in the valley I heard a loud roar It was a bravo trooper treating alpha like a toy So put your feet on the peddle step down on the gas Move over awful alpha let the mighty bravo pass BRAVO COMPANY IS ON THE GO Way down in the valley […]

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