Babalooba SEAL team Baby

Navy Running Cadence Hey babalooba SEAL team baby I join up for this now people think i’m crazy I came here to be one frog man stud But now all I’m doin’ is droppin’ in the mud Any one do this just ain’t right Didn’t come to this island for the sun So screw that […]

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Up From a Sub

Navy Running Cadence Created by: SSG. Hershel W. Scruggs up from a sub 50ft. below up swims a man with a tag of gold backstroke, sidestroke heading for shore he hits the beach and he’s ready for war 240 bravo, kabare by his side these are the tools that he lives by how to kill, […]

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Chief vs. Superman

Navy Running Cadence Now Superman was the man of steel, But he aint no match for a Navy SEAL. Now Chief and supe, they got in a fight: Chief hit him in the head with some kryptonite. Supe fell to his knees in pain– Now chief’s dating Lois Lane.   Well Chief and Batman had […]

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