Field Training

Air Force Running Cadence Through the desert and across the plains Steaming jungles and tropic rains No mortal foe can stop me now This is gonna be my solemn vow I have honor annd I have pride Winning serves me as my guide This Air Force shocks our enemies Brings them crashing to their knees […]

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Flying High

Air Force Running Cadence Flying high, and flying low, Watching the infantry on the go. Flying in and flying out, Hear the infantry scream and shout. Flying up and flying down, I’ll gig the enemy shooting up the ground. Flying forward and flying back, I’ll help the grunts in their attack.

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Horse Named Blue

Horse Named Blue – Police Running Cadence A six gun, a tin star, a horse named Blue. In 1890 a cop held these true. In 1930 the tommy gun. It made police work a lot more fun. A big block Dodge Polara Pursuit. In sixty six it came out of the chute. We got night […]

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Running Your Mouth

Army Running Cadence Created by: SFC Lukasik I said a hey..soldier Can you run with me? Can you be fit to fight ARTILLERY? He said a hooah SGT I can do it too I said save your hooah soldier Let me see what you can do CHORUS: Cause you were run, run, run Just a […]

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F-15 Roaring Down the Strip

Air Force Running Cadence F-15 roaring down the strip Air Force jockey on a one way trip Mission: Top Secret; Destination: Unkown Don’t even know if he’s ever coming home Scorching the ground at the speed of sound Droppin’ that napalm all around Rippin’ through the sky at Mach 2.2 Afterburner, I’m counting on you […]

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Running Jody Typewriter, typewriter, where’re you at? I’m a office worker, so I must be fat. The Colonel said that I must run, And he thinks I’m having fun. If I could, I’d surely hid, And try to work from eight to five. Typewriter, typewriter, please be true, For I’ll be coming back to you. […]

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