November 22, 2017

Oly Oly Anna

Marching Jody

Chorus: Add after each verse
Oly Anna, Oly, Oly Anna
Oly, Oly, Oly, Oly, Oly, Oly Anna

I know a girl out in the east, Oly Oly Anna
She’s the one I like the least, Oly Oly Anna

I know a girl out in the west, Oly Oly Anna
She’s the one I like the best, Oly Oly Anna

Dress it right and cover down, Oly Oly Anna
Forty inches all around, Oly Oly Anna

Six to the front and three to the rear, Oly Oly Anna
That’s the way we do it here, Oly Oly Anna

Used to drive a Chevrolet, Oly Oly Anna
Now I’m marching all the way, Oly Oly Anna

Standing tall and looking good, Oly Oly Anna
Ought to be in Hollywood, Oly Oly Anna

CAP’s a flying corps, Oly Oly Anna
So what the heck are we marching for, Oly Oly Anna

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