Air Force Pilot

Sound off (one, two) Sound off (three, four) Bring it on down now (1, 2, 3, 4, U.S. Air Force) I wanna be an Air Force pilot I wanna fly that big C-5 I want a plane that looks like a whale Swimming around with tanks inside Chorus I wanna be an Air Force pilot […]

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Air Force Planes

Air Force Marching Cadence F-15 rolling down the strip Air Force pilots going to take a little trip Heads up, real alert, looking all around Now he spots a MIG, so he shoots it down Chorus: Low righty left, left righty left, low righty left Your left your right, your left F-16 flying in the […]

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I’m Ready to Fly

Air Force Running Cadence Check out my helmet I’m good to go I get so bored going so slow Check out my earphones, they work fine For hearing messages on our private line Check out my visor, it works at night Helps me to see without a light Check out my A-10, just waiting to […]

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