I just Don’t Know

Army Running Cadence I don’t know but I think I might Jump from an airplane while in flight Soldier, soldier, have you heard I’m gonna jump from a big iron bird Up in the morning in the drizzlin’ rain Packed my chute and boarded the plane C-130 rollin’ down the strip 64 Rangers on a […]

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F-15 Roaring Down the Strip

Air Force Running Cadence F-15 roaring down the strip Air Force jockey on a one way trip Mission: Top Secret; Destination: Unkown Don’t even know if he’s ever coming home Scorching the ground at the speed of sound Droppin’ that napalm all around Rippin’ through the sky at Mach 2.2 Afterburner, I’m counting on you […]

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Chairborn Ranger

Army Running Cadence It’s one thirty now on the strip, Chairborne daddy gonna take a little trip. Stand up, lock up, shuffle to the door, The club for lunch and home by four. If there’s something to decide, Close your door and try to hide. Every time you get a call, You’re out playing racquetball. […]

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UH-60 Hovering in the Night

Army Running Cadence Created by: SSG Chris King (To the tune of C-130) UH-60 hovering in the night Air assault trooper on a mission flight Mission top secret, objective unknown Don’t even know if I’m coming home Hook up, stand up, and get in the “L” On the count of four were going to start […]

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C-130 Makes Me Sick

Army Running Cadence Created by: SSG Shane White C-130 rolling down the strip man that cadence makes me sick keep you wings give me a track MECH-AN-IZED is where its at jump on out and release your chute from way down here you so darn cute when you land watch your back ’cause I’ll run […]

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Piper Cub

Air Force (Civil Air Patrol) Running Cadence Piper Cub rolling down the strip CAP’s gonna take a little trip The mission is rescue, that’s what we do Aircrew, Ground Team, Admin too Aeroplane falls from the sky If we’re not quick the pilot could die Telephone rings at a quarter to two They’re calling on […]

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