What do you wanna be?

(Navy Running Cadence)   When I was in high school my teacher said to me Whacha gonna do boy, whacha gonna be A doctor, a lawyer, an engineer You know you’re gonna go really far from here I wanna be a Chief Gonna be a Chief Fightin’ for the Navy That’s what I’m gonna be.

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Chief vs. Superman

Navy Running Cadence Now Superman was the man of steel, But he aint no match for a Navy SEAL. Now Chief and supe, they got in a fight: Chief hit him in the head with some kryptonite. Supe fell to his knees in pain– Now chief’s dating Lois Lane.   Well Chief and Batman had […]

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Navy PT

Navy  PT (Navy Running Cadence) Early one morning in the pouring rain, Chief said it was time for pain, grab your ruck and follow me! Its time to do some PT. We jogged nine miles and we ran three, The Chief was  yelling follow me! Then we walked two miles and ran eight! Navy  PT […]

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