Parris Island

Where Marines are Made

Marine Corps Running Cadence Oh there’s a place where Marines are made, Yelling and a runnin day to day. Mean DI’s makin fighting machines, They take boys and make them mean. Get up in the morning in the drizzle and rain, Run all day till you feel the pain. This is the place that God […]

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Want to be a Marine

USMC Marching Cadence Army, Navy wasn’t for me. The Air Force is just to easy. I need a life that is hardcore. So I joined the Marine Corps. They sent me to an island with to much sand. Parris Island where it all began. But I can’t forget about the hood. San Diego and it’s […]

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Suzie Said to Me

Marine Corps Running Cadence Suzie said to me one day long ago, Honey please don’t join the Corps. They like to do nothing but fuss and fight, They look at women like they’re high and tight. They got poor table manners and they are so crude, They got a board’s sense of humor and they […]

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Paris Island PT

Parris Island PT – Marine Corps Running Cadence   Here at Parris, running till I’m wet. No one’s ever drown in sweat! Running faster, Running long, getting tougher, getting strong! Marine Corps…PT! Running! OORAH! 1 mile 2 mile 3 mile 4! Tell my mom I’m ready for war! Here at Parris, they can be mean. […]

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