Running Your Mouth

Army Running Cadence Created by: SFC Lukasik I said a hey..soldier Can you run with me? Can you be fit to fight ARTILLERY? He said a hooah SGT I can do it too I said save your hooah soldier Let me see what you can do CHORUS: Cause you were run, run, run Just a […]

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Forest Gump

Army Running Cadence Created by: Jerry Teter If stupid is as stupid does Hey, I wanna run like Forrest Gump Run Forrest, Run Forrest, Run Forrest, Run Well, he ran so fast he out run a truck Ran himself into Vietnam That’s where he rescued LT Dan Gotta get! Bubba! Gotta get! Bubba! So Run […]

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Navy PT

Navy  PT (Navy Running Cadence) Early one morning in the pouring rain, Chief said it was time for pain, grab your ruck and follow me! Its time to do some PT. We jogged nine miles and we ran three, The Chief was  yelling follow me! Then we walked two miles and ran eight! Navy  PT […]

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