October 26, 2017

Two Old Ladies

Army Running Cadence

Two old ladies were lyin in bed.
One turned over to the other and said.
I wanna be an Airborne Ranger!
Live that life of blood and danger.
Airborne Ranger.
Blood and danger.
I wanna be a paramedic.
Pump that funky anesthetic.
I wanna be a mountain climber.
Climb those mountains higher and higher.
Mountain climber.
Higher and higher.
I wanna be a scuba diver.
Jump right in that muddy water.
Scuba diver.
Muddy water.
Saw an old lady walkin down the street.
She had a ruck on her back and jump boots on her feet.
I said hey old lady where you goin’ to?
She said US Army Ranger school.
I said hey old lady now ain’t ya been told,
Ranger school’s for the brave and the bold.
She said hey young man, I’ll do just fine.
I maxed my test and I’m ninety-nine!

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